• Try not to rely on any single provider (technology, monetization, distribution), no matter how large & lucrative it may be. Always prepare valid alternative solutions.
  • For efficient traffic monetization, it`s important to take into account all factors that can optimize this process: the user’s country (e.g., local payment solutions, internet speed, language), traffic source and quality, user behavior (e.g., installed apps), etc.
  • No shortcuts, simply A/B test the different options & see what works best for each case.
  • Test different monetization solutions in the early stages of the company’s development to validate the business model & POC, which is what investors look for, plan annual budgets, gather valuable user feedback & prioritize (e.g., geographic focus).
  • Viral marketing can be efficient and a cheap way to get traffic if you clearly show the value to your friends, family, and acquaintances, who will then distribute it further down the chain
  • Focus should be on creating a product or service which users:
    • actively seek (i.e., that was not bundled)
    • Appreciateand will, therefore, keep (long lifetime).
    • Are highly engaged with and, if not, holds solid profit potential (i.e., total actual accumulated revenues generated minus total actual acquisition costs)
  • Mobile monetization suffers from many additional challenges about PC Desktop monetization, e.g.:
    • different platforms: OS (iOS, Android), which differ between manufacturers & models
    • regulation compliance (Apple, Google app stores, Facebook)
    • small keyboards and screen size
    • tracking (no cookies)

Many companies are therefore exploring different solutions, but there are still no standard monetization solutions like toolbars and search for PC Desktop monetization.

  • First, define the company`s goals (aligned with the investors) and, from there, drill down to the strategy & tactics, e.g., define distribution & monetization channels (what to do, when, how to do it), necessary resources, timelines, etc.

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